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Our coaches will focus on consistency. We have a coaches manual that defines what we teach and at what age we teach each skill. We also focus on the fact that once a skill is taught at a young age, we will focus on reinforcement of that skill. From the time a player is 12 until they graduate from high school, we will maintain consistency.

Master-Coaching Mentoring Program: We refocused our attention on this program to put experienced coaches in a a position of leadership to work with younger coaches, to have teams practice together. These groups of two to three will work together in planning practices, reviewing personnel utilization, and working together on strategies for success.

If you have questions about our coaching program overall, please inquire using the "Contact Us" link above or contact our Coaching Director at

Name Team
Morgan Aker
Email | Bio
Head coach 14-2 Morgan
Chaela Archie
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 14-2 Morgan
Beverly Bergamini
Email | Bio
Deidra Blake
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 17-1 Arieon
Lauren Briggman
Taylor Burke
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 13-1 MJ
April Carroll
Email | Bio
Head coach 18-1 April
Head coach 14-1 April
Angela Clark
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 18-1 April
Assistant coach 14-1 April
No photo Al Dimassi
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 12U Academy
No photo Silvana Herold
Assistant coach 12U Academy
No photo Tom Herold
Head coach 12U Academy
Lindsay Holmes
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 16-2 Christine
Michelle Jaworski
Email | Bio
Head coach 13-1 MJ
Jaileen Juan
Email | Bio
Head coach 15-1 Jaileen
Khayla McCoy
Email | Bio
Suzanne Miller
Email | Bio
Board representative 18-1 April
Board representative 15-1 Jaileen
Board representative 13-1 MJ
Board representative 15-2 Ayanna
Board representative 18-2 Jazmine
Board representative 17-1 Arieon
Board representative 13-2 Gianna
Zak Miller
Email | Bio
Board representative 14-1 April
Board representative 16-1 Tim
Board representative 16-2 Christine
Board representative 14-2 Morgan
Ayanna Parker
Email | Bio
Head coach 15-2 Ayanna
Sara Propes
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 13-2 Gianna
No photo Erin Ritchie
Jordan Screen
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 16-1 Tim
Tiffany Shelton
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 15-2 Ayanna
Kat Tatum
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 18-2 Jazmine
Arieon Trinity
Email | Bio
Head coach 17-1 Arieon
Tim Walker
Email | Bio
Head coach 16-1 Tim
Christine Warnes
Email | Bio
Head coach 16-2 Christine
Jazmine Washington
Email | Bio
Head coach 18-2 Jazmine
April Webb
Email | Bio
Assistant coach 15-1 Jaileen
Gianna Zitello
Email | Bio
Head coach 13-2 Gianna
Team Coach
Click to view team 18-1 April Head coach April Carroll Email | Bio
Assistant coach Angela Clark Email | Bio
Click to view team 18-2 Jazmine Head coach Jazmine Washington Email | Bio
Assistant coach Kat Tatum Email | Bio
Click to view team 17-1 Arieon Head coach Arieon Trinity Email | Bio
Assistant coach Deidra Blake Email | Bio
Click to view team 16-1 Tim Head coach Tim Walker Email | Bio
Assistant coach Jordan Screen Email | Bio
Click to view team 16-2 Christine Head coach Christine Warnes Email | Bio
Assistant coach Lindsay Holmes Email | Bio
Click to view team 15-1 Jaileen Head coach Jaileen Juan Email | Bio
Assistant coach April Webb Email | Bio
Click to view team 15-2 Ayanna Head coach Ayanna Parker Email | Bio
Assistant coach Tiffany Shelton Email | Bio
Click to view team 14-1 April Head coach April Carroll Email | Bio
Assistant coach Angela Clark Email | Bio
Click to view team 14-2 Morgan Head coach Morgan Aker Email | Bio
Assistant coach Chaela Archie Email | Bio
Click to view team 13-1 MJ Head coach Michelle Jaworski Email | Bio
Assistant coach Taylor Burke Email | Bio
Click to view team 13-2 Gianna Head coach Gianna Zitello Email | Bio
Assistant coach Sara Propes Email | Bio
No photo 12U Academy Head coach Tom Herold Email
Assistant coach Al Dimassi Email | Bio
Assistant coach Silvana Herold Email

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April Carroll
Director/Recruiting Coordinator

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